7 Signs Your School May Be A Diploma Mill

The UAE students were less confident than the Ukraine students about computer skills and needing better equipment and a better Internet connection at home. Almost half of these UAE students reported their need for a study plan and motivation as their most pressing needs. Better management and English language skills were recorded by about one third of the students. One quarter of the UAE students felt they needed better writing skills and a dedicated study space. The research proposal was submitted to the Research and Grants Committee and approved by the Institutional Review Board of the college in the UAE.

More than one third of Portuguese students shared that managing class and study time, saving time by choosing study location and working at their own pace were reasons to enroll in DE. About two thirds of the students from Ukraine reported that working at their own pace and managing their study time were reasons to enroll. A little more than half of these students reported that reasons for enrolling in DE included managing class time, saving time by selecting study location and not having to travel to school as well as having more options for courses or colleges to attend.

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Historically, over 90% of football teams that finish in the top 25 rankings and over 90% of the basketball teams that make it to the Final Four are from the power conferences. Following the Supreme Court's opinion announcement on Monday, Jeffrey Kessler, lead counsel for the athletes, called the court's decision "historic," saying it could have a meaningful impact on the vast majority of athletes, who will never join the pros. "Big-time football ought to be something unto itself," Harrison said. "They ought to be separated entirely from the rest of the NCAA because the money flowing into that sport is just different." Walter Harrison — a former chairman of the NCAA board of governors, former president of Hartford University and also a member of the Knight Commission — worries about an arms race in recruiting too.


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